Travel to Uyuni directly from Desaguadero

Uyuni is the most visited tourist destination in Bolivia thanks to its majestic salt flat which is the largest in the world. Photographers from all over the world come to this place to capture its supernatural landscape. With more than 10,000 square kilometers of extension, the salt flat has a thickness of 10 meters in the center. Most of the year the salt flat is a dry salt plain but in the rainy season, it is covered by a thin layer of water that reflects the sky creating a giant mirror.

Many tourists seek to reach this destination directly from their countries without having to go through another city in Bolivia. Normally these direct trips are available from Chile, specifically from Calama, Iquique, or San Pedro de Atacama due to their proximity. From Peru, direct trips are being enabled and for now, a trip is available from Desagudero in a tourist bus. Here are the options available from this point.

Uyuni Salt Flats

Trip Desaguadero – Uyuni

The Desaguadero is the border crossing between Bolivia and Peru being the main entrance from Puno and Cusco on the Peruvian side. From this point it takes about 610 km. to reach Uyuni making a trip of about 9 hours. This new travel option is available from December 2022 with an exclusive service for online purchases.

The bus trip from Desaguadero to Uyuni is available with the transportation company Salt Pic in a tourist-type bus. It is a direct trip without stops and the bus has ports for charging electronic devices and WiFi; in addition, a snack is offered during the trip and if it gets cold during the trip there are blankets available.

The transportation company SaltPic makes the trip to Uyuni from Desaguadero on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays departing at 13:00hrs. from its own office one block from San Pedro Square. The cost per passenger is 40.15$us or 275Bs. Below you can see the exact departure point:

You can make the purchase of tickets through a ticket purchase portal, this travel option is available only on the TicketsBolivia portal. You can enter their website and make the purchase at the following link: If you want to make an inquiry about this trip or any other you can contact us by WhatsApp to the number: +591 69874730.

Economic exit tickets from Peru and Bolivia

In some cases, in order to travel and enter Latin American countries, a proof of exit from the country is required, depending on the entry requirements and mainly the country of origin. In this post, we will show you the best options available to prove exit from the country at the best prices.

When you plan a trip you usually have everything planned with arrival and departure dates, as well as departure and return tickets. But in some cases you want to make your trip without having to think about when to leave the country or you want to buy the return ticket once you are inside the country you are visiting. This can cause problems since, according to your country of birth, an exit ticket is a mandatory requirement in many countries.

The exit ticket works as a kind of guarantee that you are going to leave the country and you are only visiting for tourism. In some cases they may not even let you travel or enter the country without this proof; this is because the transportation companies have to take their own precautions and know that the passengers have everything in order. If they do not allow you to enter, they are the ones who have to take you back to the place where you left. Another frequent doubt is if such ticket has to be necessarily to your country of origin, but no, it can be to a neighboring country of the one you are traveling to or to any other.

Macchu Picchu

Departure tickets from Peru

The requirement of an exit ticket depends very much on the country of origin and country of birth. To enter Peru, countries that require a tourist visa must also have a ticket out of the country, for example, nationals from Cuba, Venezuela, El Salvador, Nicaragua and some European countries need this proof of travel.

You can buy bus tickets, which are usually the most economical, to show your departure from Peru thanks to online ticket sales portals on routes such as Puno – Copacabana or Puno – La Paz quickly and reliably.

The following are the most economical options for departing from Peru:

RouteBus companyDepartureBus typePrice USD
Puno – La PazTranszela07:00am.Cama14.50 $us.
Puno – La PazTrans Titicaca07:00am.Semicama19.27 $us.
Puno – La PazPanamericano06:00am.Cama22.48 $us.
Puno – CopacabanaTrans Titicaca07:00am.Semicama11.68 $us.
Puno – CopacabanaTranszela07:00am.Cama15 $us
Lago Titicaca

Departure tickets from Bolivia

In Bolivia, most countries do not require a visa to enter the country for tourist visits. The countries that do not require a visa or a ticket to leave the country are the following:

Countries that do not require an exit ticket from Bolivia

Countries not listed above require a visa and a ticket out of the country. Below we share with you the most economical travel options for departures from Bolivia:

RouteBus companyDepartureBus typePrice USD
Copacabana – PunoTrans Titicaca06:00pm.Semicama10.22 $us.
Copacabana – PunoTrans Titicaca01:30pm.Semicama11.62 $us.
Copacabana – PunoTranszela06:00pm.Cama15 $us.
Uyuni – CalamaCruz del Norte06:00am.Semicama24.09 $us.

We hope this information has been useful to you. You can buy tickets from Peru to Bolivia in the portal, any questions or information you require you can contact us by WhatsApp to our number: +591 69874730 or by our social networks.