Tips for visiting high altitude destinations

We know that Bolivia, especially the capital of the government, La Paz, is a wonderful territory full of diversity of landscapes, flora and fauna, but before entering a wonderful tourist destination we have to take some precautions regarding the altitude.

Arriving in La Paz from different destinations, and take a walk through the streets of La Paz is certainly a fascinating journey, as we see contrasts of colors, the traditions reflected in the streets, and even streets that will leave us surprised, but before taking this challenge, we provide some recommendations for the issue of altitude is not a detriment.

Upon arrival at the bus terminal go directly to the hotel, take some time to rest so the body can acclimatize to the new conditions of the altitude, and avoid common symptoms, dizziness, difficulty breathing, nausea, headache, it is recommended to take a couple of days to adapt, but if you do not have much time for to visit La Paz, at least take half a day.

Hydrate continuously, it is essential to drink pure water, between 1.5 or 2L is recommended to stay hydrated and avoid dizziness.

In Bolivia it is usual to drink coca leaf infusion, which helps prevent altitude sickness and aids in better digestion.

How to prepare coca tea or coca infusion, the preparation is quite simple, you can place several coca leaves in a cup of boiling water, wait a couple of minutes and drink. Another option is to use an infuser sachet with coca tea, in Bolivia coca tea has been legally commercialized, since it is common to drink it with digestive and other problems.

Maintain a balanced diet, the gastronomy in this tourist destination is amazing, it contains many condiments and variety of chili, although it is attractive to try the full range that this territory offers, it is advisable to avoid excessive consumption of spicy to avoid stomach irritation, we also suggest avoiding the consumption of foods with a lot of salt, It is also important to emphasize that digestion in La Paz is more complex because of the altitude, so some combinations of foods are very bad for example pork with avocado, milk with peanuts, milk with pork, milk with avocado and others, which in general the population avoids eating.

Other tips

-Avoid alcohol and cigarette smoking

If the lack of oxygen is persistent, it is possible to take over-the-counter pills for altitude, which help the blood supply to the brain and improve breathing capacity, but it is better to foresee the consumption in people with heart conditions.

-Once you feel ready for the challenge go at a gentle pace.

How can I fight altitude sickness?

Each body is different and acclimatization may differ according to physical condition and other characteristics, but if you begin to perceive some symptoms of altitude sickness such as lack of oxygen, dizziness or excessive fatigue, you can use a tank of oxygen, most of the guesthouses and hotels in the city have emergency oxygen tank, if you do not feel better, consult a doctor to avoid strong symptomatology.

La Paz the wonder city, has many beautiful places to visit, such as Jaen street, the famous street of witches and cross the city using the “Teleférico” and not to mention the varied gastronomy, the gastronomy of La Paz is exquisite!

May this beautiful city leave you breathless for the beautiful views and not for the altitude!

Have a nice trip!

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