5 Reasons to travel by bus in Bolivia (version 2024)

In recent months we have seen that flights have reduced their prices, but within Bolivia the price of bus tickets is much more affordable even in high season, for this and other reasons, we want to discuss the benefits of traveling by bus in this beautiful country.

1 Accessible prices

As a result of the great competition that exists in the market for different routes within the national territory, the prices of land travel have dropped considerably, we can see that for example for routes from La Paz to Uyuni the prices range from 100 bolivianos to 200, depending on the service. We can see other examples of quite affordable prices for different destinations and routes.

More routes at https://www.ticketsbolivia.com

2 Varied schedules

In Bolivia the variety of travel by different transportation means, for example, air travel, is quite limited by having reduced schedules and frequencies, compared to the frequency of bus departures, which have a range of schedules at our disposal.

More schedules can be found at https://www.ticketsbolivia.com/

3 Admiring magnificent landscapes and views

In contrast to air travel, the bus trip through the national territory is a spectacle that is undoubtedly unmissable.

Due to the diversity of climate and geological characteristics, we can travel through the different roads and be amazed by the views of the snow-capped mountains, different shades and different tones and colors thanks to the vegetation present in each area of the country.

4 Improved comfort and service

In recent years, ground transportation companies have improved their service, improved the characteristics of the buses, some companies not only have normal type of seat, the variety has been extended to, semi bed, bed and in some cases Suit with an inclination of almost 180 °.

In some cases they already have luxury services, at a very accessible price, these with individual screens in each seat and wifi, as well as most of the buses have bathroom, reading lights, blankets, and independent cell phone chargers.

5 Buying bus tickets is now fast and affordable

Today there is a quick and easy way to use from any mobile device or computer: https://www.ticketsbolivia.com. This website provides information on different companies, routes, schedules and prices, in a simple way, including in many opportunities the selection of seats.

The purchase of land tickets, apart from being affordable in price, is now easy and safe to purchase with a few clicks.