Getting to know Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Now with Tickets Bolivia you can connect Latin American borders without a problem! If you’re a travel enthusiast looking for new adventures in South America, you can’t help but consider an exciting bus from Santa Cruz to São Paulo in Brazil and Buenos Aires in Argentina. These two iconic destinations offer a fascinating mix of culture, history and natural beauty. In this blog, we will explore in detail the bus travel and the route you can take on each of these trips, providing you with useful information and tips to make your experience unforgettable.

Buenos Aires. Photo by Rafael Guimaru00e3es on

The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires has 2.89 million inhabitants, and migration is what has characterized this city since its beginnings, with neighborhoods shaped by this phenomenon. Currently, 40% of its population is migrant, which allows to know different cultures in the same city. It has two bus terminals, with a distance of 40 minutes between them. All transportation companies leaving from the Retiro terminal pass through the Liniers terminal, which is located at 10880 General Paz Avenue. The Retiro terminal is located in the Retiro area between Av. Antártida Argentina and Calle 10.

Travel between Santa Cruz and Buenos Aires

If you are looking to explore Argentina from Bolivia, the bus from Santa Cruz to Buenos Aires is an exciting option. Between the two cities there is a distance of 2339km, a journey of approximately 46 hours. The buses that take you there have an optimal service and are La Preferida and Bolpar. You can enter this link to get information about the trip and the available options.

Bus CompanyTypeDepartureArrivalPrice $us.
BolparCama18:00hrs from Santa Cruz13:00hrs to Buenos Aires 2 days later94.89
La PreferidaCama19:00hrs from Santa Cruz17:00hrs to Buenos Aires 2 days later94.89
BolparCama17:00hrs from Buenos Aires06:00hrs to Santa Cruz 2 days later94.89
La PreferidaCama17:00hrs from Buenos Aires07:00hrs to Santa Cruz 2 days later94.89
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra is a growing city with more than three million inhabitants, a warm climate averaging over 22°C, diverse culture and gastronomic variety. Sao Paulo, meanwhile, is one of Brazil’s most important cities, with 12.4 million inhabitants. It is a cosmopolitan city and an important business center. You can visit it and discover an impressive urban cultural movement, its countless nightclubs, museums, theaters and contemporary art sites.

Sao Paulo, Bazil.

Travel between Santa Cruz and Sao Paulo

The bus from Santa Cruz to São Paulo is a popular option for travelers wishing to explore the diversity of these two South American countries. There is a distance of 2,085 km between the two cities and the travel time is approximately 38 hours. The Sao Paulo terminal is located at Av. Auro Soares de Moura. The bus that takes you there is La Preferida. Below we show you a table with the available travel options:

Bus CompanyTypeDepartureArrivalPrice $us
La PreferidaCama20:30hrs from Santa Cruz10:30hrs to Sao Paulo 2 days later105.11
La PreferidaCama14:00hrs from Sao Paulo04:30hrs to Santa Cruz 2 days later105.11

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