Taste of Bolivia

Bolivia is characterized by having a very varied gastronomy depending on the geographical area where one is, as it is rich in fertile land so the variety of elements for gastronomy is wide.

Starting with the 1000 (thousand) types of potatoes that exist in Bolivia, the varieties of meats by zone, visiting Bolivia is a great opportunity to delight yourself with the different flavors that this country offers.

In this opportunity we will comment some dishes with peculiar characteristics and flavors.

Gastronomy in Bolivia:

Western part of the country

Most of the food in the west of this beautiful country is served with potato, mote or cheese, in this opportunity we will talk about a dish that is the “Charquekan de llama”, which contains the most representative elements of the region.

The charquekan consists of a combination of elements: dehydrated llama meat, to be preserved for long periods of time without decomposing, accompanied by mote, potato, hard-boiled egg and cheese.

This dish has antecedents from the time of the Urus who preserved the meat by drying it in the sun for several days, for the time in which dehydrated meat can be preserved, its popularity spread in the mines of Oruro, where many authors claim that this famous dish was born.

The dehydrated meat became well known throughout the national territory and is now part of dishes also in the Bolivian east.

If you want to try the delicious charquekan we recommend visiting the city of Oruro specialist in this succulent dish.

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The Valley

When thinking of this region it is impossible not to mention the silpancho, a dish full of colors and textures.

The silpancho consists of rice, potatoes, a circular slice of breaded and fried beef that covers most of the dish and fried egg accompanied by onion, tomato and locoto, in small cubes on top as a sauce.

This dish known as typical of the valley region, previously did not contain rice or egg but gradually was adapted to the demands of eaters and acquiring a combination of unique flavors!

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One of the most consumed products in this region of the country is the yuca or also known as manioc.

This tasty product of popular consumption can be tasted in different presentations, cooked with cheese or baked in the oven. This time we want to talk about the “sonso de yuca”, to whet the appetite and to promote the interest in consuming it.

The “sonso de yucca” is a dish made with yucca, cheese and egg, it has a crunchy cover and a spongy interior. It is a food that is consumed in the street, in many places it is accompanied with coffee to contrast the flavors and is part of the gastronomic tradition of the region.

The consumption of this dish became so popular and traditional that since 2002 the Sonso Festival is held annually in the city of Santa Cruz, in which this dish is prepared and consumed on a massive scale.

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Other Dishes

Bolivian food is undoubtedly one of the most unique, because it has several elements cultivated in each region, for example the type of potato, each variety accompanies a national dish making the traditional food a continuous tasting and discovery of flavors.

Depending on the region different meats are consumed, for example if we go through the region of Lake Titicaca, you can taste the trout, silverside, and other endemic to the fresh waters of the sacred lake.

The spicy spices for brave people, since several cities like Sucre are known for adding different spicy condiments to food, whether the yellow or red chili very popular in meals such as “picante mixto” or mondongo that contains pork meat.

The gastronomic variety that Bolivia presents is undoubtedly exquisite even for the most demanding people.

We invite you to explore the flavors of this land!

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